Gallery for the Missionary Journeys of Paul study tour of 2005 to Greece & Turkey
 March 15, 2005 

Cappadocia, Gerome and Zelve valley

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Album: Cappadocia

Capadocia was the home for many of the dispersed Christians addressed by Peter in 1Peter 1:1. In this geographically unique location people carved entire cities into the stone and have a community of total "rock dwellers". Peter tells them that god is building them as living rocks, and that they as aliens in this world need to keep away from evil desires.
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Album: Kaymakli

Kaymakli, was one of several underground cities. It had 8 subterrainian levels (of which 4 are open today). These cities were started before Christ, and continued in development for hundreds of years. These cities were actually defensive "hideouts" for the surface cities and used when any of the waring nations that frequently traversed the reagion as a way of staying out of the way. The city at Kaymakli, held thousands of individuals for many months at a time.
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