Gallery for the Missionary Journeys of Paul study tour of 2005 to Greece & Turkey
 March 17, 2005 

Prisidian Antioch, Colosse, and Hieropolis

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Album: PrisidianAntioch

Paul visited Antioch of Prisidia several times on his journeys. The key one recounted in Acts 13:13-53. Here Paul first preached to the Jews, but the jewish leaders were jealous forcing Paul and Barnabas to leave the synagogue and redirect their activity towards the Gentiles.
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Album: Colosse

The city of Colosse is mostly a mystery waiting for the right time to unearth it. All that is visible today is the large Tel, a few building stones and an occasional pottery shard that litter the site. Paul never visited here, but he wrote two letters to Colosse. The first is the book of Colossians, which deals with many weighty doctrinal issues. The second is a more personal letter to Philemon
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Album: Hieropolis

Hieropolis is a city that is built along a 1 mile hill side. It comprises a large necropolis (city of the dead), a double column lined cardo and the most distintive hotwater pools staining the hillside white for the world to see. Paul in Col 4:12-13 mentions Epaphras and it is thought that he was instrumental in the church in Hierapolis
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